At Drouin Secondary College, we have a very strict policy on the use of phones and other non-laptop internet-connected devices . As a student, you need to be aware of this policy and make sure you follow it at all times.

  • Students who choose to bring mobile phones, personal music players, personal mobile devices and wireless headphones to school must have them switched off and securely stored during school hours. (Start of period 1 to the end of the final period of the day.).
  • Personal mobile phones must not be used during school hours, including lunchtime and recess, unless an exception has been granted.
  • Students are required to store their phones in their locked locker. It is the students responsibility to ensure that their locker is locked at all times. Phones must be turned off.
  • If students have temporary issues with the security of their locker, they may hand the phone into the Learning Culture Centre (LCC) for safekeeping. Each LCC will have a secure storage for phones.
  • Phones and iPods can only be used during class time with your teacher’s permission for educational purposes.

Where a student has been granted an exception, the student must use their mobile phone for the purpose for which the exception was granted, and in a safe, ethical and responsible manner.

Teachers may request students to bring mobile phones to class for a particular activity. When carrying the phone to class, students should have the device turned off and out of sight. In class, students can only use the phone with teacher permission. After this lesson phones are to be switched off and placed back in their lockers before the next period. 

The audio, camera or video recording functions of phones and portable music devices are to be disabled by students at school, during off-campus activities, at bus transfer points or when travelling to and from school on public transport. These functions may only be enabled under the direction of a teacher when needed to satisfy the educational requirements of the learning activity.

It is important to remember that the College accepts no responsibility for phones and portable music devices which are lost, damaged or stolen whilst on the College premises, during off-campus activities or whilst the student is travelling to and from school.

What happens if I use my phone or device during school hours (without an exception)?

First Time Offence – If the phone or device is used, the phone or device will be confiscated and you can collect it from the LCC upon completion of a Restorative Agreement.

Second Time Offence – the phone or device will be confiscated and given to LCC to be held for a week. Parents will be contacted to inform of this breach of the mobile phone policy.

Third Time Offence – the phone or device will be confiscated and given to LCC, returned only to parents who will need to make a time to meet with LG teacher or Level Leader to collect the phone/device.

Fourth Time Offence – the phone/device will need to be collected by a parent and you will need to serve a one day internal suspension.

Exemptions to Mobile Phone Policy:

Long term exemption will only be granted under the DET policy guidelines for the categories of:

  • Learning-related exceptions, 
  • Health and wellbeing exceptions, and
  • Managing students offsite 

where appropriate documentation is provided.

To apply for an exemption complete this form and return to the relevant LCC.