Please make sure all items – clothes, bags, pencil cases etc – are clearly labelled with your student’s name. 

If twenty jumpers are in Lost Property, we cannot return yours UNLESS IT IS CLEARLY LABELLED WITH YOUR NAME. It is advisable to clearly label articles in less obvious places as well as on the back.

Lost Property (such as clothing, pencil cases and books) is located in the corridor outside the Year 8/9 LCC and students should check there if they have lost something.

For items of value, such as mobile phones or jewellery, students should ask at the Year 7 LCC.

It is recommended that students do not bring valuables to school. This includes cameras, ipods, CD players, mobile telephones, iPads or expensive jewellery. We cannot accept responsibility for your valuables at school. During PE or Sport classes, valuables need to be locked in lockers or held by the class teacher. During Year 10, 11 and 12 exams, valuables need to be handed in to the Senior LCC in named snap-lock bags.