How can members of the Wellbeing Team help?

Student Wellbeing Team members are available to assist all students with concerns they may come up. For example:

  • Difficulties with managing your class work load.
  • Homework organisation/preparing for tests & exams
  • Changes that happen with friends.
  • Family changes or concerns.
  • Personal issues that can arise e.g. health issues you may be worried about or need advice on where to go for help, feeling low, decisions that need to be made.
  • Concerns you may have for others and you are not sure what to do to help them

Process for catching up with a member of the Student Wellbeing Team

  • Come to the Student Well Being room at either recess, lunchtime, before or after school and make an appointment.
  • We will give you an appointment card.
  • We will try to make an appointment for recess or lunchtime to so you don’t miss class, however if class time is missed it is your responsibility to catch up on work missed.
  • If the appointment is in class time you MUST be able to show the appointment card to the teacher, without one you stay in class.
  • When you leave class you must also have the red out of class pass from your teacher so anyone who passes you can see you are legitimately out of class.
  • YOU CANNOT JUST TURN UP AT OUR ROOM EXPECTING TO BE SEEN – we are likely to be unavailable.
  • If an urgent issue arises and in your teacher’s judgement you cannot stay in class they will send you with an out of class pass to the LCC office. They will then contact us to see if we are available if the matter is urgent.