Drouin Secondary College students who travel on the train should represent the College in a positive manner to members of the public who share the train with them. 

Our Values of Community, Respect, Achievement and Community extend to how we act on the way to and home from school.

What we want to see

  • Respect of passengers rights to travel without being harassed or made to feel uncomfortable.
  • Use appropriate language
  • Allowing people to get on and off the train before students get on and off.
  • Resolving and disputes that may arise with other passengers in a peaceful and positive manner.
  • Ensuring the train is left clean.
  • Students sitting in seats.
  • Sitting with the correct number of students in the seat.
  • Students going from the Station directly to school.

What we don’t want to see

  • Swearing, screaming, being really loud.
  • Students pushing and shoving around the doorways.
  • Having loud arguments with other passengers.
  • Littering or damaging the train and leaving it in a mess for other passengers.
  • Students standing at the end of the carriage when there are spare seats.
  • Having too many students on the seats.
  • Students leaving the station and hanging around the main street or going to the supermarket.

Train captains will report breaches of the code of conduct to staff at DSC. 

Students who misbehave will face consequences like:

  • Parents informed
  • Behaviour and Learning Support Session
  • Removal from train for a period of time
  • Suspension
  • Parent interview or expulsion especially if the student is not from DSC’s direct feeder area.

What to do if something goes wrong:

  • Report it to the train captain or conductor.
  • Don’t get into heated arguments with other passengers.
  • Tell a member of DSC teacher staff if something has gone wrong.