Becoming a Student Leader

To run for leadership position at Drouin Secondary College

  • Student leaders must consistently display the college values.
  • Student leaders must attend school regularly.
  • Student leaders must be positive role models.

To be eligible to stand for a Student Leadership Role at DSC students must have demonstrated the above qualities in the past semester. Students who wish to stand for leadership must meet the following criteria:

  • The student’s latest ARCC score on reports (Effort and Behaviour Ratings) must be over 70.
  • Their attendance must be over 85%.
  • They must not have been suspended from school in the last 12 months.
  • They must have demonstrated participation in co-curricular activities in the college  by earning at least 6 co-curricular points in the previous 12 months.

Staff who manage the selection of student leaders are responsible for ensuring candidates for student leadership positions meet the above criteria.

If student leader’s ARCC scores or attendance drop below the required values listed above or they are suspended their leadership position in the College will be reviewed.

After each Progress Report the ARCC scores of Students who hold leadership positions will be checked. If they are below 70 the student will be placed “on probation” in their leadership role until the next Progress Report. If a student in a leadership role gets consecutive ARCC scores below 70 they will lose the leadership role.

Student Leadership and ARCC Score Review:

  • After each reporting period the student leaders’ ARCC scores are checked by the Assistant Principal in charge of Reporting.
  • This information is forwarded to Year Level Leaders.
  • If a student in a leadership position has an ARCC score of less than 70 the Year Level Leader will meet with the student to explain that if the ARCC score does not improve in the next reporting period the student may lose their leadership position. The Year Level Leader will offer the student the appropriate supports to help them get their ARCC score back up to an acceptable level.
  • A letter will be sent to the student leader’s parents informing them of the possible consequences of not improving.
  • At the next reporting period, if the students’ ARCC score is above 70 the students is able to continue in their leadership role.
  • If the student’s ARCC score is below 70 for two consecutive progress reports they will lose their leadership role unless extenuating circumstances exist.
  • In the event of a student losing their leadership role, the next highest ranked candidate will take on the position or a member of staff may select another student to take on the role.