Sentral, Moodle and Email

Students should login to Sentral each morning to read the daily bulletin.
Students are expected to check their email once a day.
All due dates for work and assignments are on Moodle.

Get into the habit of checking this information.
Being informed is being prepared.

Technical Support

Tech Fouls

Pretend your netbook is a car – which type of driver are students at DSC expected to be?

Driver one: I’ll Keep My Car Running Myself

  • Learns the basics of how a car operates.
  • Completes periodic maintenance like changing the oil, checking the air and water.
  • Does not take the car off road where it is not meant to be.
  • Does not modify the car.
  • Tries to fix the car themselves before taking it to the garage.

Driver Two: It is someone else’s job to maintain my car. I just drive it.

  • Knows nothing about how the car operates.
  • Does no maintenance, just drives it until it breaks.
  • Takes the car where ever they feel like; off road, onto the beach, where-ever.
  • Modifies the car against the manufacturer’s advice.
  • When the car breaks, takes it to the garage and demands the mechanic fixes it.
  • Leaves their car at home then expects to borrow someone else’s.

Unfortunately we have too many students who treat their computers like Driver Two treats their car.

We do have computer technicians to help students fix their computers but they are sometimes overwhelmed fixing minor problems that students really should be able to fix for themselves.

When students receive their netbook, they will have full administration rights: i.e. they can install software, change backgrounds, delete programs; basically manage the device with full rights.

To encourage students to look after their computer the College has introduced the Tech Fouls system.

The students get three Tech Fouls per year.

Students incur a Tech Foul when they have to take their netbook to the school’s technicians because they can’t fix the problem themselves. This includes forgetting their laptop and having to borrow one for the day.

If the student cannot connect to the network and they need tech support to get their netbook working, this counts as a Tech Foul.

Once they use their third Tech Foul for the year a letter is sent home to parents and the the students receive a lunchtime detention.
Once they use their Fifth Tech Foul for the year their netbook will be settings locked for the next 6 months and they will receive an after school detention.

How to avoid Tech Fouls:

  • Learn how to manage your computer and keep it running.
  • Seek help from experts among your peers who can fix your problem before going to the techs.
  • Keep your virus definitions up to date.
  • Don’t install software that will clog up your netbook or make it not connect to the network.
  • Don’t install pirated software or peer to peer software that opens up your computer to viruses.
  • Don’t forget to bring your computer to school. Borrowing a computer will earn you a tech foul.

Netbook Q&A

Q. Whose job is it to keep your computer running smoothly?A. The students.
Q. What if I get a virus and can’t get rid of it?A. Take it to the techs but this counts as one of your three tech fouls.
Q. What if I drop my laptop and it
needs to be repaired?
A. Take it to the techs but this counts as one of your three tech fouls.
Q. What if I delete some school
related software that I later need to use in class?
A. Take it to the techs and they will reinstall it but this counts as one of your three tech fouls.
Q. What does it mean if my
computer is settings locked?
A. It means you can’t change your background, install programs and updates delete programs or play games off a memory stick. Your computer will be settings locked for six months. The computer will still run all the installed programs that were on it originally. It will still get on the internet and function well. It will just not be customisable
Q. Once my computer is settings locked does that mean I don’t get any more help from the techs?A. No they will still help but you will start incurring next semester’s fouls so your computer may never get unlocked again.
Q. What if I install some pirated software on my computer?A. If you are caught with any illegal software on your computer it would be reimaged and this counts as one of your three tech fouls.
Q. What about downloaded movies or songs?A. If you are caught with any copyright material on your computer that you have not paid for it would be reimaged and this counts as one of your three tech fouls.
Q. What about if I use a proxy site or an un-blocker to get into Facebook at school?A. Bypassing network security is a serious breach of the acceptable use policy and could result in immediate settings lock of your computer
Q. What if it is not my fault that I have to take the computer to the techs. For example the hinges break or the screen goes dead. A. Warranty issues only cover normal wear and tear such as keyboards and mouse pads stop working. Any physical damage must be paid for regardless of fault (Eg. Broken screen or damaged hinges). However, it is not a tech foul.
Q. How is it my fault if I get a virus? A. We all are exposed to viruses on the net but keeping your virus scans up to date and surfing carefully should keep you out of too much trouble. You do get 3 tech fouls per year so one mistake is not going to get you settings lock. Settings lock kicks in at Tech foul 5.
Q. What if someone else is on my computer and they wreck it or get into a proxy site? Do I still get settings lock? A. Yes. Part of the acceptable use agreement you signed is that you will not let others use your account.
Q. What if I get a Tech Foul and I think it was really not my fault and the techs think it is!!!A. You can go and see Mrs Fanning and ask her for a second opinion. She will hear your side of the story, talk to the technicians to get their side then make a final decision.
Q. Why can’t I change the settings in Internet Explorer even though my computer is not in settings lock?A. This is so IE will always work at school. You can use Firefox, Chrome, Safari or any other browser you like at home but IE is set for school use.
Q. Where can I go to get help and not incur a tech foul?A. Go to the IT Centre at Lunchtime. If you get it fixed at Lunch it is not a tech foul. One of the technicians will be there to help with computer problems and so will some of our ICT Captains who may be able to help you and avoid getting a tech foul. If it can be fixed on the spot at lunch you don’t incur a tech foul. If it takes longer than lunch to fix you will incur a tech foul.
Q. If I leave my computer at home and have to borrow a loaner for the lesson do I get a tech foul?Yes. Don’t forget your computer.
Q. What if I get a sixth Tech Foul? I’m already in settings lock. A fifth Tech Foul gets your computer’s settings locked. A sixth Tech Foul means your computer will be reimaged. It also means you’ll have to wait longer to get the computer unlocked.

Skype and YouTube: Use it, you lose it.

Skype is a very handy piece of software. It allows you to communicate with other computers anywhere in the world. You can have Skype on your computer. You can use it at home.

YouTube is also awesome.

Skype and YouTube are not to be used in class without teacher permission.

If students are caught using Skype or YouTube in class without permission they will lose access to Skype and YouTube on their netbook.

Use it and you’ll lose it.


Can I use Skype and YouTube at home?
Can I use Skype and YouTube at school with teacher permission? Yes
What happens if I get caught using Skype without teacher permission?Your teacher will report to the IT department that you were using Skype at school in class time. The IT techs will move you into the non-Skype group and force a re-start on your computer. When the computer restarts you won’t be able to use Skype at school. Same goes for YouTube.
How do I stop Skype starting when my computer starts? I don’t want to lose it by accident?In Skype click tools > Options > and make sure “Start Skype when I start Windows” is not checked.
Also take care to exit Skype when you finish using it. If you have it running at home and then start your computer at school, Skype will still be running.