Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are those that are not directly connected to a timetabled subject. Co-curricular activities do not form part of a student’s academic assessment. Co-curricular activities are offered to provide students the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities at Drouin Secondary College.

Examples of co-curricular activities are Interstate Camps, Presentation Ball, Year 11 Formal, Year 12 Valedictory Dinner, Human Powered Vehicles, Debating and Inter-school Sport.

Students with an ARCC score of less than 50 are, by definition, below an acceptable standard for Effort, Behaviour, Organisation and Academic progress. These students cannot participate in co-curricular activities until their ARCC score improves. As soon as their ARCC score is above 50 students will again be allowed to participate in co-curricular activities.

Co-curricular Points

Students can earn Co-curricular Points by participating in Co-curricular Activities. Points are awarded using the following guidelines. 

School CaptainsMax 20 points
House CaptainsMax 10 points
SRC RepsMax 5 points
Minor Leadership RoleBus Captain, Year Level Rep,
IT captain
Max 3 points
Participation in
college committees
Environment committeeMax 3 points
Participation in
College Production
Principal roles would get the
maximum 10 points. Minor
roles 5 points, an Usher
one point.
Max 10 points
Participation in out of
hours school run
co-curricular activity
Playing in an evening music
concert. Debating. Tournament
of Minds, HPV
2 points
Participation in
co-curricular activity 
in school time 
Football or netball team.
Science competition,
Maths Competition,
House Swimming,
Athletics and Cross Country
1 point
Participation in
Presentation Ball
2 points
Participation in
1 point
Participation in
Year Level Camp
Central Australia Tour,
Year 12 Melbourne Camp,
Year 8 Camp, Year 7 Camp
3 points

What will Co-curricular points be used for?

  • Determining awards for Citizenship and Community Participation. 
  • Determining eligibility for running for student leadership roles. 
  • Included in progress reports.

Co-curricular points are displayed on Sentral. Recording of Co-curricular points is coordinated by the ES in charge of excursions and camps. Attendance and participation for the vast majority of co-curricular activities is recorded and will be tracked via excursion forms.

If staff arrange activities for students or are aware of school-related activities that students have participated in, that did not have a permission form, they should give a list of students to the ES in charge of camps and excursions so Co-curricular points can be allocated.