Message to 90+ card holders:

Congratulations on getting your Independent Learner Licence for the next reporting period. Your 90+ score indicates you are a dedicated, independent learner.

This licence is a reward for your hard work. It allows you certain privileges. Please read the instructions below carefully so you are clear on your rights and responsibilities.  

Able to leave class 5 mins early during period 1 and 3 with teacher permission.

The key here is “with teacher permission”. Sometimes your teacher may let 90+ Independent Learner Licence holders leave class early. Sometimes they may not. It is entirely the teacher’s decision not yours. If you are allowed to leave early you may go to the Cafeteria. You won’t be served in Cafeteria before the bell unless you can show your 90+ Independent Learner Licence.

Able be out of class without a red pass

All other students who are out of class require a red pass. 90+ Independent Learner Licence holders may leave the class without a red pass with teacher permission. 90+ Independent Learner Licence  holders are the ideal people to be sent on “out of class errands” like picking up printing or photocopying so get ready to take on some of these roles. Remember the 90+ Independent Learner Licence  does not mean you can leave class without teacher permission.

Able to leave SURFF and read elsewhere after getting marked on the roll.

You need to go to surf and get marked on the roll. When your teacher has completed any administrative tasks you show your teacher your 90+ Independent Learner Licence and ask to leave if you want. You are still expected to read in SURFF time. You must remain “in bounds” during SURFF and you are not to interfere with other classes. You cannot go to the library. You can go to the Cafeteria.

Able to use the 90+ lounge at lunchtimes

This one will evolve maybe. E5 will be the 90+ lounge. You can use E5 at lunchtime. You need to enter the room via E6 detention room showing the lunchtime detention teacher your Independent Learner Licence . No Independent Learner Licence – No Entry. When in the room you can use the data projector to play a movie. The room needs to be left clean and tidy at the end of lunch.

Please follow the conditions set out above. If you misuse the Independent Learner Licence you lose the Independent Learner Licence. If you give the Independent Learner Licence to someone else to use, you lose it.

Once again, congratulations on your hard work.