As a DSC Student, I have a responsibility to:

AchievementTry to achieve to the best of my abilities.
RespectBe kind to other members of the school community.
CommitmentAttend school whenever I am not sick.
Provide a note to the school if I am absent for any reason.
CommunityAttend school in full school uniform.

In the Classroom I have a responsibility to:

AchievementBring appropriate materials to class.
Remain in class unless given permission by my teacher to leave, including at the end of a lesson. I am not dismissed until my teacher says so.
RespectFollow teacher directions promptly.
Use phones, iPods or other electronic devices only with teacher permission. If I use them without teacher permission I know they will be confiscated.
CommitmentAttend class on time.
CommunityNever interfere with the learning of others.
Not bring my bag to class (except for PE and Sport).
Not bring food or drink into the room with the exception of bottled water.

On the Way to and from School:

RespectBe a positive role model for our College.
CommunityBe in full school uniform.

On the Train I have a responsibility to:

AchievementStudy if I can and allow others to study if they want to.
RespectFollow the instruction of the Conductor and Train Captains.
Allow other passengers on and off the train first.
Be courteous to members of the public.
CommitmentBe in full school uniform.
Come directly from the station to school. I don’t go to the main street.
CommunitySit in seats and not stand in the doorways.
Behave in a manner that enhances the image and reputation of the college I choose to attend.

In the Locker Areas I have a responsibility to:

AchievementCollect my books for Period 1 before school, Periods 2 & 3 at recess and Period 4 at the end of lunch.
RespectKeep the locker area litter free.
Take my turn and let others have time too.
CommitmentKeep my locker organised and orderly.
CommunityKeep my locker locked when I am not near it.
Keep my bag locked in my locker during class time, recess and lunch.
Put my materials in my locker and move away. I know not to congregate or litter in the Locker area.

In the Wider Community I have a responsibility to:

AchievementMake positive use of community facilities.
Make a contribution to my community. 
RespectBe polite and use appropriate language.
Be honest.
Look after community facilities.
CommitmentOrganise my time at home so I can be up to date with my school work.
CommunityWear clothing appropriate to the community activity I am undertaking.
Assist others by waiting my turn and being a good citizen.

In the Yard I have a responsibility to:

AchievementSelect activities that allow me to perform well in class.
Be SunSmart.
Be physically active (walk, use the courts and facilities).
RespectFollow yard duty teachers’ directions promptly.
Be kind to others eg make others welcome, open doors for people, do not use put downs or bullying behaviour.
Use appropriate language. I know swearing is inappropriate.
Keep my hands to myself. Don’t touch others. This includes “play fighting” and holding hands.
CommitmentBe on the school grounds unless I have signed out at the office.
Be in the “in-bounds” area and not go “out of bounds”. 
Use water for drinking not water fights.
Respect and look after school grounds and property.
CommunityOnly play ball games in areas with lines marked for ball games.
Walk on hard surfaces, not run. I can run on the oval or grassed areas.
Keep the yard free of litter.
Not congregate in corridors or locker areas. These are thoroughfares not congregating areas.

In the Canteen I have a responsibility to:

AchievementMake healthy choices for a balanced diet which includes drinking water to enhance my learning.
RespectFollow teacher directions promptly.
Be polite to canteen and parent volunteer workers showing respect.
CommitmentBe in full school uniform. Only when I’m in full school uniform can I use the Canteen.
CommunityLine up while waiting to be served.
Sit down on chairs never on a table.
Line up with no more than 3 people per line in front of the windows.
Enter from W side and Exit from E side to make crowd flow safe for everyone.

On my Computer I have a responsibility to:

AchievementUse the computer only for learning in class time.
Check my school email everyday.
RespectBe mindful of what I download as I know that internet speed for everyone is affected by what I do.
CommitmentCharge my computer at home and bring it to school every day.
CommunityFollow the acceptable use agreement I signed.
Read the daily notices on Sentral every day. 

At Home I have a responsibility to:

AchievementEnsure I get enough sleep so I can learn effectively (8 hours sleep per night minimum).
Eat a healthy breakfast and plan healthy food for the day that will allow me to learn.
RespectComplete home study to the best of my ability. 
CommitmentEnsure I have all the materials I need to for the next day at school, including a charged netbook.