Student Dress Code

Drouin Secondary College expects that students wear the approved College uniform. This is consistent with Department of Education guidelines relating to uniform.

The College takes the matter of uniform seriously, so do our students and parents.

  • It safeguards our students, as an intruder or outsider may be more easily spotted and can be dealt with appropriately.
  • It benefits the College because the wearing of uniform fosters school spirit, a sense of belonging and commitment to the College. When students are in the wider community they are easily identifiable which can further promote the College and enhance College spirit.
  • It promotes equality amongst students by discouraging competition and short-term fashion trends. Uniform discourages peer acceptability being based upon the clothing worn by students.
  • It is economical because uniforms are of very good quality, last longer and are cheaper than most casual clothes that students may want to wear. The peer pressures to keep up with the frequent fashion changes associated with casual dress, and the subsequent costs, are controlled.
  • It enables students to fully participate in all College curricular and co-curricular activities without being impeded by dress or footwear.
  • The family of any student unable to wear uniform due to economic hardship can approach the College for assistance.
  • Parents seeking exemption to this policy due to religious, ethnic or cultural background or health considerations must apply to the relevant Learning Culture personnel for approval.

Wearing Uniform – Keep it neat and clean.

When do I need to be in Uniform?

Uniform Should be Worn:

Travelling to and from School, during a school day, immediately after Phys Ed or any session where students are wearing alternative clothes. This applies at the end of the school day for travelling home.

Uniform Need Not be Worn:

On camps and tours, college production and rehearsals out of College hours, Drouin Secondary College sports days (House Athletics & Swimming) and casual clothes day.

Uniform May Or May Not Be Required (parents will be informed of exceptions):

  • Excursions: uniform is usually required.
  • Inter school sport involving only a portion of the day. The Drouin Secondary College Sport Uniform will usually be worn.
  • Special College programs: Musical & Band presentations, Debating and other formal presentations where students represent the College.

What happens if I’m not in Uniform?

The College has developed a very structured set of procedures, ranging from Behaviour & Learning Support Sessions (BLSS) to possible conferences with parents, for dealing with students who fail to wear correct College uniform.

  • Students can only bring a note from home to cover three days in which they are out of uniform during one term. This note must be signed and dated by the Learning Group Teacher or Level Leader. Students must carry this signed note with them at all times or they will be regarded as out of uniform.
  • Students who for an approved reason cannot wear uniform for more than three days in a term will need to see their Level Leader to get a Red Uniform Exemption Card which will cover the necessary period of time. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure this is organised. This card will need to be produced when asked about uniform. A student with this card will not be considered out of uniform.
  • Students cannot wear non-uniform jackets even with a note. They will be provided with a loan jacket or jumper for the day if it is cold.
  • If a student is out of uniform without a note he/she will automatically have a lunchtime BLSS on that day.
  • Students can expect teachers will conduct on the spot checks daily. Students must be able to show a dated note signed by the parent and signed and dated by the Learning Group Teacher or Level Leader, or a valid Red Uniform Exemption Card to avoid an immediate BLSS that day.
  • Students who are out of uniform without a red pass or note will not be allowed in the Caf, Library or Stadium at recess or lunch.

Wearing Hats

The College SunSmart Policy now includes a SunSmart hat as part of the College uniform, it is a wide brimmed dark blue hat. These approved uniform hats are available to purchase from the Buxwear Uniform Shop. Approved SunSmart hats can be worn inside buildings but students may be asked to remove them in classrooms. Peaked caps can still be worn only outside the school buildings but are not recommended as they are not “SunSmart”. A College approved beanie and scarf are available for purchase.

NO other beanies or scarves are permitted. Bandannas and sweatbands are not permitted.

Extra Clothes For Warmth

A water-resistant College jacket or fleecy bomber jacket can be worn with the College jumper. Non-uniform jackets are not permitted to be worn. Students wearing non-uniform jackets are deemed out of uniform. Students cannot have a note for non-uniform jackets.

Additional clothing can be worn underneath uniform as long as it is not visible. A plain white T-shirt may also be worn, but the sleeves should not be visible under the shirt.

Makeup And Jewellery

The College believes that in an institution where over 1,000 people have to live closely together, there has to be a balance established in allowing people to express their individuality, and asking them to conform to group behaviour. We also believe young people should be encouraged to understand that individuality need not just be expressed by physical appearance. Makeup and jewellery are allowed but it should be minimal and unobtrusive. Necklaces need to be under clothes. School badges, studs or sleepers are allowed. Large earrings are discouraged for safety reasons. We do not accept responsibility for loss of jewellery or infections caused by jewellery. Jewellery must be removed for Sport, Physical Education and in some practical classes, such as Metalwork.

Lost Clothing

Please label all clothes and shoes !!!!! If twenty jumpers are in Lost Property, we cannot return yours UNLESS IT IS CLEARLY LABELLED WITH YOUR NAME. It is advisable to clearly label articles in less obvious places as well as on the back.

Uniform Styles

All students are expected to wear the approved Drouin Secondary College uniform.
Please do not purchase any new uniform from any outlet except the Buxwear Uniform Shop which is on-site in the College’s Lyn Kelly Stadium. All approved Drouin Secondary College uniform items are embroidered with the lyrebird logo.

The approved uniform is only supplied by the Buxwear Uniform Shop at Drouin Secondary College. Uniform items purchased at any other outlet are not approved. Please be aware that if students wear non-approved uniform items they will be out of uniform.

There is no defined changeover period between Summer and Winter Uniform. Students may choose from the approved uniform according to personal comfort levels.

Uniform Options for All Students – Boys and Girls


College blue collared shirt short or long sleeved. A plain white T-shirt with no visible logos may be worn under the shirt for warmth – the sleeves must not extend beyond College shirt sleeves when the jumper or jacket is off.


Maroon College jumper with College colours. Drouin Secondary College dark blue jumper for Year 11 and 12 students only. Year 12 Top optional for Year 12 students.


College Spray Jacket and / or Fleecy Jacket. No other jacket is permitted.


Drouin Secondary College plain grey tailored or elastic waisted above knee shorts OR dark blue above knee tailored shorts.


Drouin Secondary College summer skirt in the same fabric as the dress. Winter skirt (long or short) in the College tartan pattern.


Drouin Secondary College summer school dress.

Trousers / Pants

Drouin Secondary College tailored or waisted long grey trousers OR dark blue tailored pants.

Physical Education / Sport Uniform

The Drouin Secondary College sport top. Drouin Secondary College dark blue shorts. Drouin football or white sport socks. Sport Shoes.

Optional P.E. uniform for cold weather – Drouin Secondary College tracksuit pants and College fleecy jacket.


White or black socks with shorts, dress, skirt, pants or trousers. Winter skirt also has the option to wear dark blue socks or opaque tights (no pattern). Socks must be above ankle length. NO sockettes or short tennis socks.


Shoes 100% black lace up. Leather shoes are recommended for foot health and value, but not compulsory. Laces must be also be 100% black.


  • Fashion shoes with a raised heel or platform sole must not be worn.
  • Slip on or shoes with straps and / or buckles are not permitted for safety reasons.
  • Boots that cover the ankle are not uniform.
  • Boots are not shoes.

Optional Items

  • Hats, beanies, scarves – Dark blue brimmed sun smart hat. College approved dark blue beanie and scarf.
  • Drouin Secondary College logo school bag.
  • College ties may also be worn.
  • Hair bands and ribbons – Must be blue or white.

You will be able to view the uniform at the DSC Uniform Shop or on the DSC web site.
The Buxwear Uniform Shop also supply socks, tights and white under-shirts. Optional items such as: beanies, scarves, ties & school bags will also be available for purchase.
Second hand uniform and books are available to buy or sell at the Buxwear Uniform Shop.